How to choose the right microphone? EVERYTHING you need to know with Shure


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When it comes to video, viewers will put up with a lot! Shaky camerawork, and bad lighting, but bad audio is just way too frustrating. If the sound is off, the viewer will be quick to give up and simply move on to the next video.
We’re joined by Laura Davidson, the Marketing Development Specialist at Shure and she is here to give us all of the answers of every possible question we've ever asked about mics. Laura Davidson has been in the audio industry for over 13 years and has honed her skills as a product demonstrator, specialist, marketer, and singer/songwriter.
In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why and how mics differ depending on exactly what you need them to do
  • The difference between a cardioid and an omni-directional mic
  • Why you might choose dynamic mic over condenser mic
  • The right mic for changes in broadcast frequency and bandwidth

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