How YouTubers generate revenue by helping business with video funnels with Ben Amos


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As a YouTuber, you possess the amazing skill of being able to tell stories via video, a skill that's absolutely necessary in today's business and marketing world.
How can you use that skill to generate additional revenue?
The answer is on this week’s episode of TubeTalk.
Video is an incredibly effective way of generating business leads - but your content needs to resonate with the target audience to be effective. So how do you get viewers to engage with your B2C or B2B uploads as part of your marketing funnel? We’re joined this week by Ben Amos, a video marketing expert from Engage Video Marketing. In this podcast you will learn:
1. Why marketers should focus on video
2. The key elements of the customer journey when it comes to video strategy
3. How to use the power of storytelling for your video content
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