Thomas, the diplomat and the Siege of Pest


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Oct 13, 2018 at 3:52pm Hey! Welcome to the show! This will be the first show where I debut my new equipment AND new imaging from the amazingly talented, Troy Larson.

Thomas, the diplomat and the Siege of Pest is a new concept for me. I don't often speak of anything diplomatic or military, because it used to bore me. I was more interested in the relationships and the drama. Little did I know that the research for this podcast would change my mind all together. That by understanding an important piece of Thomas Seymour's history I understand him all the more. The battles, sieges and wars were a large part of Tudor lives and to neglect them is to do an injustice. So, here I go...stepping outside the box and producing a new sounding podcast about a subject I knew little of before choosing it as a topic.

If, as recommended in the podcast, you'd like to follow along on Google Maps (or wherever you prefer), here are a list of cities mentioned:

Enjoy this podcast and hope to see you next time! -Rebecca


Written by: Rebecca Larson

Voiced by: Rebecca Larson

Produced by: Rebecca Larson

Imaging by: Troy Larson

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