56 - Stop forcing and start feeling


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I got this question from one of our listeners.

I don’t stop eating until I’m overfull. I know that I don’t need more, but I find myself eating my kids’ leftovers, and taking more food, and I recognize that there’s some sort of emotion that’s driving me to eat, but I don’t know what the emotion is.

Sometimes it works for her to talk to herself, and tell herself:

“I’m not hungry; I don’t need this.”

But often it doesn't.

I think that many, many women have a tendency to over intellectualize things.

We know that there’s a different way, a different perspective, a different thought that we could be thinking about the situation we’re in. Like, “I don’t need this.” I know that intellectually I don’t need this.

But I think that the problem is that we try so hard to force our thoughts, we try to change them so quickly, and what that does for us is it actually disconnects us more from our feminine intuition when we try to force that changing of the thought.

Tune in to find a better, more gentle, more compassionate, more effective way.

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