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I can’t believe this is finally happening!

Behind the scenes here in “Rena Reiser Land”, there have been a lot of changes.

The truth is, the changes have been bubbling under the surface for nearly three years...

But now it’s really happening and we’re gonna spill the beans.

In this episode, my husband makes a guest appearance, and interviews me about the new direction of my podcast and my whole business.

Listen to this episode and you’ll discover,

  • What’s the brand new podcast name, and why I chose it from my list of 50 potential names
  • What motivated all these changes and what’s different about the work I’m doing
  • What was the surprising failure that made me realize it was time to rethink
  • What fear did I have to overcome, in order to make these changes?
  • What type of women will be interested in this new type of work
  • What was the moment that really pushed me to realize I needed to incorporate other methods?
  • Why it’s not about intuitive eating anymore
  • What is the felt-sense and what happens when we tune into it?
  • The difference between “feminine” and “masculine” leadership and how that relates to the work I do

Listen in to this episode to hear more.

  • Curious what it feels like to tap into your “felt sense”?
  • Want a taste of some of the new work I’m doing?
  • Wish you had a way to calm down, or tune into your feelings, when you're triggered or feeling “blah”?

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