59 - The gentle yet effective way to change your thoughts


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I was fed up of our tiny apartment. Our noisy neighbors. The plumbing issues.

And I was full of negative thoughts about our situation.

What should I have done?

Were my thoughts valid?

Should I have tried to change them? Would that have helped me?

At that time, someone told me that my struggles with my apartment…were “just” thoughts.

It was supposed to be empowering and freeing.

But it didn’t feel like that to me.

Something about that approach felt dismissive.

And now all these years later, I've built a coaching practice based on a very different approach

In this episode I’ll share with you..

  • My personal journey from our old apartment to our spacious apartment
  • The approach I use when helping myself or coaching my clients through their struggles
  • What is missing when you tell yourself “it’s just a thought”
  • The difference between goal-focused coaching and value-based compassion coaching
  • Why our feelings are actually our super-power
  • What is the feminine approach to coaching
  • What are 2 main ingredients to powerful change

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