Ro-TUNE live @Arcan CYBERIA 4 - Ep029


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CYBERIA 4 | Techno Utopia
A techno utopia perfectly designed for those who wish to lose themselves in music.
Cyberia will not only provide you with a special interracial lineup but will also transport you to a cyberpunk themed atmosphere.
Expect lots of head-banging beats, and glow in the dark dรฉcor to assure you will have an amazing trip.
11pm-12:30am : Hinu (Arcan/VN)
12:30am-2am : Ro-TUNE (VN)
2am-3:30am : DBP Basslines (Arcan/FR) b2b Wasabae (KR/RU)
3:30-5am : Bardawheel (Arcan/LB)
VJ - HOBEN... (JP)
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