148 - Skillful Touch Technician: O.School


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Jeremie found a COVID hook-up loophole and Bryde delivers in the poem department! Then they engage in a personal sexual preference quiz courtesy of O.School. Speaking of O.School this weeks guest is Andrea Barrica - founder of O.school. Something between planned parenthood and pornhub. Her team put together a resource that corresponded to the data - what are people searching for - and created the content to answer those questions. "What sex feels like when you’re pregnant”, “When should I reveal my invisible disability to my partner?”, and “How to pleasure a soft dick” are among the blog titles available. Her background in finance and tech, and belief in the power of algorithms designed with diverse perspectives, is an inspiring possibility for the future of sexual wellness - one that we can all invest in. Check it out at . Support us on Patreon! Follow us on Instagram - @turnmeonpodcast This episode and more have been transcribed thanks to Thisten: https://thisten.co/event/wmu9l ------------ Also, if you’re looking to get spicy in the bedroom, Intamo Pleasurables makes plant-based lubes (and more) that nourish your body and leave you feeling sensational. Use promo code: TURNMEON15 for 15% off at www.intamopleasurables.com

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