S07E33 The Queen brings in big ratings | 9 sharpens its axe | Special Guest: Tania Zaetta


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The Queen proves TV can still draw big audiences as Nine quietly axes some big shows and Tania Zaetta talks BAYWATCH.

In this episode:

  • 00.43 - This week in TV history
  • 3.10 - Meet our guest...
  • 14.40 - The Queen's funeral draws big numbers as the ABC is under fire after sending 27 staff to London to cover the event
  • 24.44 - 9 swings the axe on some big brands
  • 30.31 - The question Channel 7 doesn't want to be asked
  • 33.31 - Details on what ads on Netflix will look like
  • 37.05 - Consent warnings on TV shows
  • 43.40 - Hatches & Dispatches
  • 45.48 - TV Bingebox
  • 1.03.00 - Group Binge: THE WHITE LOTUS

Next Week's binge: Salaam Namaste

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