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We're back off to K'un Lun for our spoiler filled Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 2 Review as we talk about our top five points of "The City's Not For Burning" the second episode of season 2 of the Marvel Netflix show Iron Fist in our Spoiler filled podcast. As always make sure you've watched the episode before listening to our podcast. Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 2 Review "The City's Not For Burning" Spoiler filled Synopsis Directed by Rachel Talalay Written by Jon Worley As tensions escalate between the Golden Tigers and The Hatchet gangs, a violent exchange spills on to the streets of Chinatown. Danny Rand (Finn Jones) pays a visit to Mr. Hai-Qing Yang (Henry Yuk ), the head of the Hatchet gang, to persuade him to broker a deal with the rival triad gang, but when he refuses, the deal is secured by Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) with his wife as Colleen continues to investigate her childhood Kamon that was left at the community centre. But with the fighting on the streets Danny’s mind turns to his memories of K’un Lun and his fight with Davos to gain the right to challenge Shao Lao the Immortal. However, Davos (Sacha Dhawan) and Joy’s minds focus on finalising their scheme against Danny Rand and Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey). When Mr Yang changes the terms of their deal again, Davos moves against him deploying an ancient K’un Lun technique to his neck; while Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup) arranges the purchase of a rare artifact at auction that is essential to the success of their plan. Another chance meeting between Danny and Mary (Alice Eve), throws up some awkward moments after she is invited to the Dojo and meets Colleen. Whilst Colleen and Danny shrug off Mary’s behaviour an unsettling obsession with Danny Rand looks to be smouldering under the surface of this seemingly quiet artist from Wisconsin. Thank you so much for listening to our Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 2 Review Podcast and the rest of this season. We've love hearing from listeners about your thoughts on all of our podcasts so far. If you would like to send any of your thoughts in please send them to join us on facebook at or follow us on Twitter @defenderscast and you can now record your thoughts for the podcast directly from our website by clicking the “Send Voicemail” button. We'll be back later this weekend with our review of Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 3 Review of "This Deadly Secret". Thanks so much for listening John, Chris and Derek Defenders TV Podcast Date recorded: 30/08/2018 Date published: 07/09/2018 MP3, 59.46 mins, 96kbps, 41.2 MB All images and audio clips are copyright of Netflix no infringement is intended. The intro and outro music for our show is provided by Mississippi MacDonald you can find more of his music at his website .

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