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Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid Our Guest Artist: Sherri Rogers Our Bar: Off The Rail Brewery We’ll talk about her artistic trajectory from tiny town to urban centre that is so central to her work, her success with movie art, and her empowering relationship… with a bicycle. Now let’s head to Off the Rail, where Sherri shares all, including at the end a new punchline for the show. We talk about the Bechdel Test in this episode. Here's the criteria: it has to have at least two women in it, who who talk to each other, about something besides a man. Thanks Alison Bechdel. My favourite Sherri quotes from this episode: On balancing her studio practice with her career as in FX: "After working in film and being told all the time 'Make it more red, make it more blue, make it bigger', its important for an artist to be self directed" On riding her bike through the dark alleys of the city's darker side: "It's like claiming my place in the public sphere. I have a right to be in that alley...I have a right to be out at night". The cityscapes of street art and bicycles are well worth the risk. Check out Sherri's website and instagram feed and see for yourself. Enjoy the episode? Click subscribe, share with a friend, or click on the martini glass icon to send us a round. Links: Sherri's website: Sherri' instagram: Two Artists Walk into a Bar Instagram: The Bechdel Test: William Clark Studio and the East Side Culture Crawl: Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: Buy us a round:

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