From Lady in Red to Ladies in Hats with Artist Musician Danny McBride


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Our Guest Artist: Danny McBride Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid Our Bar: The Canadian Brewhouse If you’ve ever slow danced to Lady in Red you’ve heard him play guitar. You’ve known him as a musician, but now he’s taking the art world by storm with big beautiful paintings of ladies in hats. He can’t paint fast enough to keep up with the demand for these beautiful creations, but we get him to take some time out of his busy schedule to sit down over beers and share stories from the studio and from the road. Now let’s head to the Canadian Brewhouse and listen in as Danny and I talk about his art start as the poisoned pencil, almost auditioning for the Rolling Stones, and the best Trump/David Hasselhoff/OJ Simpson story you’ll ever hear. We talk about: His musical start Brother Bob McBride and Lighthouse Overcoming stage fright Meeting Mick Jagger What he thought of Chris DeBurgh's "Lady in Red" as it was being written "It's a nice melody Chris, but I don't know if it's ever going to be a hit". (It's one of the top 5 love songs ever recorded) Growing up drawing caricatures,as did his dad, and amusing his band mates on the road with his "poisoned pencil" How he switched to canvas and began drawing his hatted ladies (listen until the end and you'll find out who that lady in the hat really is) The biggest sale of his art career Visiting the home of Lady Di, and what her mother Frances Shand Kydd had to say about his offer to hand a few of his paintings between her Gainsboroughs: "Darling, the spaces between are owned by the paintings themselves". Great line Frances! Writing his new sitcom pilot and other bucket list items The crossover from one creative genre to another The amazing outcome of a chance meeting with a young Allan Doyle of Great Big Sea On meeting Jimi Hendrix backstage when Danny was 16-17: "I was standing there in my little Nehru jacket, Sargent Peppers, and he looked over and said "Stay cool." Enjoy the episode? Click subscribe, share with a friend, or click on the martini glass icon to send us a round. Artists and Musicians we talk about (links are live through the show website) Led Zeppelin The Who Moby Grape Rick James (Super Freak Video) U2 Supertramp Depeche Mode Chris DeBurgh (Lady in Red Video) Modigliani Danny's Instagram:

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