Creating a Culture of Care at Your Gym


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Molly Kieland owns Fuelhouse Gym in Seattle, Washington, and she's the winner of Two-Brain's Gym of the Year: Right Brain award for awesome gym culture.
But it takes more than good feelings to win that award; you've got to have the numbers to back it up.
Here, Molly joins Tiffy Thompson to talk about how she maintained a strong culture at her gym during the COVID crisis and how she maintained profitability throughout—including increasing monthly personal-training revenue from $6,000 to $17,000 per month.
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1:23 – About the Gym of the Year: Right Brain award.

2:44 – Reacting to the COVID crisis.

4:38 – Shifting online and the learning curve that went with it.

5:44 – Maintaining community during lockdown.

8:50 – Retention and engagement during the pandemic.

14:07 – Dealing with the stress of the pandemic while in a leadership position.

15:59 – Bright spots that came out of lockdown.

18:50 – Increasing personal-training revenue during COVID.

21:21 – The future of Fuelhouse.

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