Madison Nights: The Fitness Ballad of Cole Sager


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If when all is said and done, Cole Sager is remembered for his character more than his fitness, he's just fine with that. But that doesn't mean he's not fit.
Cole has been to the CrossFit Games six times in his career and finished in the top 10 thrice. His best career finish was 5th in 2018. He also received the Spirit of the Games award in 2017.
He joined Sean Woodland to talk about his time playing division one college football at the University of Washington, how to beat the odds and overcome self-doubt, and why his dad decided to name him after a fictional character portrayed by Tom Cruise.
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1:24 – Training for the Games in a season upended by the coronavirus.

4:49 – On being named after a Tom Cruise movie character.

6:32 – The small-town mentality and growing up playing football.

8:55 – From high-school star to college walk-on.

16:25 – Abandoning NFL ambitions for CrossFit Games dreams.

21:27 – How Cole qualified for Regionals just a few months into CrossFit.

26:43 – Maturing as a CrossFit athlete.

31:44 – Lessons learned from his debut CrossFit Games in 2014.

35:01 – Dealing with the pressure of being a repeat Games athlete.

38:39 – Winning the Spirit of the Games award in 2017 and why being a positive role model is so important.

42:41 – Lessons learned from the new structure of the CrossFit Games: No room for error.

45:48 – Why Cole is OK with being known for his character more than his fitness.

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