When No One Sees Your Vision (and It's all Your Fault)


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Ever been frustrated because someone just doesn't get what it's all about?
Maybe you want beginners to feel comfortable in class, but the competition team hijacks the equipment and space. Maybe you want your gym to be a place for people to let off steam after work, but that drill-sergeant coach is stressing clients out.
Guess what? It's not them; it's you.
Strong gyms have solid vision statements that staff and clients understand and support, and Certified Two-Brain Mentor Kaleda Connell is here to teach you to write one. Bonus: You don't need stuffy, flowery language—just an idea you care about.
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1:58 – Why your business needs a vision statement.

5:55 – You don’t need to perfect it before you start.

9:50 – How your vision statement affects every other aspect of your business.

10:56 – Step one: Write down words that mean something to you.

13:20 – Keep it simple.

16:16 – How to implement your vision statement in your business practices.

21:26 – Personality, vision and solving the icon problem.

24:30 – Hiring according to your vision statement.

28:30 – Can’t you just teach thrusters and call it a day?

30:56 – What Kaleda’s clients are doing to implement their vision.

34:13 – Communicating your vision to clients in the onboarding process.

39:37 – How vision statements can help eliminate weed clients.

43:03 – Characteristics of businesses with strong vision statements.

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