We split a Mystic Pizza pie with Peri


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Ken and Kendra thank Peri Gilpin for listening (Thank you, Peri). They also create a table of contents for the first time ever. Quick description of the Game of Thrones episode cause Ken liked it. Kendra talks and convinces the world to watch Ramy (successfully). Then Ken and Kendra talk about the topic of the hour, Mystic Pizza starring Annabeth Gish (Ken is sorry for calling her Annabelle), Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor. We really go into the 80s plot.

And our connection to Peri Gilpin... Lili Taylor was in The Cold Lands, which was directed by Tom Gilroy, who also directed Spring Forward (1999) with Peri Gilpin! That’s two degrees! We plan on watching Spring Forward next week.

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