Bank accounts starting with P, Lice mothers and Remote tech options


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It’s Easter week, so we’re releasing a day early to celebrate. Ever heard of a Lice Mother? You have now. We talked to Denise about her important role at her children’s school. We covered about all the kinds of (free) technology you can use for your portable expat career and lifestyle. Google docs, Slack, Zoom, Freed Camp, Trello and Skype. Kirsty ran through the P names for her expat bank accounts Pay Day, Pear, Poolside and the Parachute. Listen to the bonus episodes about Expat Money for more details on these. For Location Location Location we asked Stephanie the Fat Five questions about (D is for) Durban.

Books, Movies, Telly, Podcasts and Food

Stephanie left a message with a book suggestion Good Muslim Boy


Telly – Squinters, A Moody Christmas

Movies – The Shape of Water, The Darkest Hour

Podcasts – All the Aussie footy podcasts that exist


Telly – Collateral, Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

Plus, remember all your favourite radio shows in your favourite countries are probably also available on podcast

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