Before You Go – Season 4 – Episode 9


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In this episode our Hot Topic was Things to Do Before You Go. Kirsty posted about how she was feeling in the weeks and days before the final decision was made in the company merger. Both 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle and the Two Fat Expats group had lots of great advice. You can hear it all in this week’s podcast, along with the the other regular chatter.

From the Two Fat Expat group

Getting ready to record today’s podcast. For those who don’t know my husband is waiting to hear his fate in a recent merger. I’ve had fantastic advice on what to buy/do if our expat adventure is about to end (it’s evidently all about the rugs and lamps) but it’s really got me asking the philosophical and fiscal questions. If it all ended tomorrow what would you hope you had done – what was your mission at the beginning of your expat adventure. House paid off? School fees covered. A good share portfolio? Did you have a set financial goal when you began?

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