International wills, caring for ageing parents remotely and K is for Kigali


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This episode contains an update on Helen’s baby shower, spoiler, it was great, Nikki goes to see U2 in Germany, spoiler, it was a bit strange. In Expat relationships we talk about the complexities of caring for ageing parents remotely and tips on how to talk to your family members about the situation. Expat tech exposed Nikki and Kirsty’s different use of the tab feature and while Nikki advocated for Onetab, Kirsty did not. They did both agreed on how cool Radio Garden was, so there’s always that. Expat Money talked about wills and international things about wills, it’s all very complicated and Two Fat Expats will continue to investigate and bring you the best information it can, so stay tuned for that.

In location, location, location Nikki spoke to Jessica in K is for Kigali.

Jessica’s documentary recommendation – Leave it to Beavers

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