How To Keep Your Long Distance Friendships Alive – Season 3 – Episode 16


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Welcome back to Season 3 – Episode 16 of Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. This is the podcast that will fill you up with fat ideas on how to live your biggest and best expat life. This week we are sharing stories, ideas and tips on how to keep your long distance friendship alive. Kirsty spoke to Bonnie and Deni (together), one an expat and one not, about their special friendship and how they maintain it over time and distance.

We also announced that we are taking the Two Fat Expat podcast on the road with not one but two upcoming Big Fat Expat Meet Ups. We are planning on Dubai for April and Shanghai for May. More details on these to follow shortly!
Here’s the links to the social media discussed in this episode:

Nadia’s blog link about her house party (a video app) with her friends

Kirsty’s social media

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Watching – Newtons Law, Minimalists documentary, Gogglebox (Australia)

Link to latest Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras video

Nikki’s social media

Podcasts – Tilt Parenting – Episode on Sex Education and differently wired kids, More of The Full Catastrophe

Watching – Screenagers and the Dads and Daughters ballet video

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