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Welcome back to this week’s chat packed episode of fat expat-ness. Eliza left us a message that prompted a discussion about the age old question, can you get better at being an expat over time? The jury response was mixed. Nikki spoke with Christine about the mindset of a move and how that can change your outcome and in Location Location Location we interviewed Candice about (B is for) Bangalore.

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Emily the lovely listener’s book recommendation for kids and money The Opposite of Spoiled

The first podcast Nikki and Kirsty did together Season 3 Episode 1 – Does Moving Get Any Easier?


Podcast – Conversations with Richard Fidler – Helen Elliot

Telly – Blue Planet II

Reading – I Am Malala

Travel blog mentioned by Kirsty


Telly – Season 2 The Good Fight

Podcast – Casefile – Episode 76 Silk Road (3 episodes)

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