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Episode 98, Two Fat Expats is nearly 100 episodes old! We do some party planning in this episode, see our list of #’s below and send us a message using the little microphone ‘Hi, my name is Nikki, I listen to Two Fat Expats from Hamburg, Germany.‘ As always we’d love to hear from you .Kirsty’s husband G jetted in secret spy fashion to Adelaide and pulled off a fabulous surprise for their eldest daughter’s 18th birthday. Nikki spoke to Vanessa in Geneva who signed her expat contract then found out she was pregnant. We also introduce the GET – great expat tip, this week it’s about suitcases.

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and for our 100th episode we will also add


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GET (Great Expat Tip) – If traveling for summer, pack your suitcase inside another so you have an extra suitcase at the end of the summer.

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Movies –Absolutely Champers, Golden Exit, Breathe Don’t watch – Brothers (see I didn’t even link to it)

Other media – Donald Glover music video and the NPR explanation


Books – The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia by Masha Gessen

Telly – The Let Down, 13 Reasons Why Season 2 13 Reasons Why webpage with teen mental health support info

Podcasts –Out of the Loop, The Full Catastrophe Emma Alberici

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