Helen Pluckrose and Iona Italia—Why Everyone is Wrong, Except for Us


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Tea for Two: A podcast about politics, culture and society and about how everyone is wrong except us. With Iona Italia, Helen Pluckrose and guests. Episode 1: Introduction to our podcast. 0:00. Our backgrounds and how we came to hold our current ideas of secularism & universal liberalism 10:27 A summary of my political views—Iona 14:00 Why we dislike the concept of privilege 19:07 Universal liberalism: strengths and shortcomings—Helen 23:31 The social justice left approach versus the universal liberal approach—Helen 26:00 Why I mostly critique the left—Iona 30:00 Free speech 34:08 Why I mostly critique the left—Helen 38:16 Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve—Iona; our views on Murray and race and IQ in general 45:00 Differences between men & women 47:10 James Damore’s memo 55:38 The importance of amicable disagreement 1:01 Cross-generational connections—Iona 1:04 Separating the people from the ideas 1:06 Anti-black/brown racism and anti-white racism; FGM & circumcision 1:12 Similarities and differences between Helen and me.

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