Chasing Your Curiosity: Why imperfect action trumps perfect inaction


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For this episode your hosts Will and Nick decided to sit down and hash out some of the most transformative decisions they've made in their careers. This discussion doesn't have a whole lot of "new" theory behind it, but its a really cool opportunity to connect with others who feel like we do - curious.

What's it like on the other side of the fence? What if I choose something totally against the grain? What if my backup career plan fails? How do I explain myself to people wondering what I'm doing with my career?

Naturally, our discussion is packed with analogies and butchered science references. We somehow manage to tie together Newton's laws of motion into our professional trajectory, as well as profess our love for the Institute of Clinical Excellence. But the take home message we really want to drive home is answering those questions above for ourselves.

We want other health/medical professionals, students, or anyone just trying to make a difference in this world to chase down their curiosity. This is a short life for many of us, so use your most important commodity (time) to explore your passions. There is no right or wrong first action step, just that you TAKE action.

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