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In this episode we sit down with two adventurers, Allie D'Andrea and Nick Berger of Worn and Weathered. Allie and Nick have been spending the last few years cultivating a lifestyle that is truly remarkable. The freedom of working for themselves, the fulfillment of giving back to their communities and supporters, and the motivation they create for others to go after their ambitions has taken over social media - for all the right reasons.

We dive into the back story of their mission, and discuss the exciting new challenges they embrace as they start their new company, Worn and Weathered.

Check out the social media accounts led by Allie and Nick, follow their story and if you want to reach out, please don't hesitate. We cant think of better examples of how to create a brand around a mission thats worth pursuing.

facebook, youtube @outdoorsallie

Instagram@ outdoors_allie

Instagram@ NickJberger


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