3 Things we learned about the service industry


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In this passion-fueled conversation we reflect on some deeper realizations that have struck us recently. A lot of our discussion generates a general yet powerful recommendation, to become very curious. Do so early, and often, and especially if you're going into a service industry. If you're curious, you'll be more likely to build awareness of the influences of business and how it can interact with our behaviors and lives.

Some very wise words are shared by Will in this episode in particular. If were going to passionately express our observation of a struggle we've gone through, we might as well deliver some action steps in case others find themselves also struggling. Will highlights 3 key business principles that, when mastered, can make any person more valuable to a business (in terms of employment-more hirable). The funny thing is, you don't even really have to master these functions, just be better than some others are and you can help them.

  • Generate new leads or potential customers
  • Convert leads or potential customers into customers
  • Retain customers for repeated service

When do we really learn how the basics of all that works? As Will and Nick describe, its never too late to learn. Check out the facebook group "Healthcare Digital Marketing" with Will and Alex Engar, those two are producing some incredible content and sharing solutions that can take your career to another level.

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