Kinesthetic Learning: Developing a System of Readiness


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Chris Leib is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with nearly a decade of experience in treating movement dysfunctions and enhancing human performance. Dr. Leib has a versatile movement background with a variety of certifications as both a physical therapist and fitness professional. Combining the worlds of therapy and fitness, Chris is uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your body, while allowing you to sustain optimal physical health and longevity. Chris considers physical activity a vital process to being a complete human being and is passionate about helping others maximize their movement potential.

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Show Notes

  • Blending fitness and rehab, and making the line between them a little blurrier
  • The usefulness of a structural diagnosis vs assessing where someone is on a spectrum of movement or activity
  • “The System of Readiness” - Qualifying the readiness someone may have for a movement or exercise, not necessarily what is safe or unsafe. How much control can be attained over a new process or a process that hasn’t been performed well in a long time
  • Providing individualized care to support the group setting workouts: educating and progressing self-regulation is key!
  • movement scalability is a game of inches, not an on/off switch. The value of turning “this hurts me” into “this hurts at this weight, in this position, at this time”
  • Devising a program by using the well-researched OPTIMAL tool:
  • Understand and manipulate the intent of your programming - and progress based on the intent. As a PT with tons of education, don’t undervalue the simple principle that if strength is the goal, regardless of setting, that means LOAD
  • If you’re teaching or guiding movement practices, you absolutely should get your hands dirty kinesthetically and appreciate the difficulties your patients/clients/people are going through
  • The mindset on delivering people away from pain and into an autonomous movement practice
  • Steering people towards a plan of care that doesn’t emphasize medical imaging or structural diagnosis
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): check out the Beck Institute:
  • Applying CBT to build therapeutic alliance and implement actionable steps toward a process of improvement
  • Skilled vs unskilled decision making
  • Working to an over-arching life goal of happiness
  • The value of meditation and realizing that there are inevitable changes in life in order to move forward
  • Check out links to Chris’ youtube videos where he shares some GREAT content, he is on instagram as @movementprof and facebook @Chris Leib

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