"Putting Care Into Clinical Research" Feat. Samantha Fien, PhD candidate


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Sam is an amazing person doing such great work for her local community, her colleagues, and for health organizations across the world. If you want to follow her work check her out at Samantha Fien on https://twitter.com/samanthafien and https://www.linkedin.com/in/samanthafien/

We dive into the diverse background of Sam and her professional projects, including her path from a bachelors degree in exercise science to completing her PhD thesis. We discuss Sam’s research “Gait performance in residential aged care and the benefits of exercise”, winning the Emerging Researcher in Ageing (ERA) international scholarship for 2017, her international experience studying group exercise and gait metrics in older adults, and how to create a healthy, more sustainable community.

“They’ve lived for so long already, why not treat them as they are and reward them for living so long and being able to exercise, to walk, and talk, and do everything else like other human beings.” Sam on the importance of providing care for older adults

If you aren’t already calling it a “wheelie walker”, try it. It will make your day.

If you have an extra minute, please share/retweet/support Sam’s efforts to go to the World Health Assemble in Geneva in May 2018. We need people like Sam representing the hard working citizens that care about their health!

Thanks to @MegLowryPT for connecting us with Sam!

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