The Endless Possibilities of Travel PT


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Jared's Bio:

"I’m Dr. Jared Casazza, and I am a traveling physical therapist. I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2015 and am currently traveling for work within the U.S. in a fifth wheel camper with my girlfriend and fellow travel PT, Whitney.

Although physical therapy is how I make a living and one of my main passions, I have several other interests that I pursue in my free time. These include: financial independence, personal finance, bodybuilding/powerlifting, nutrition, supplementation, credit card rewards, travel hacking, investing, hiking, and real estate. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and I hope that this blog can be a place that I can share some of what I have learned to this point.

Whitney and I will also be sharing information on our personal experiences as traveling physical therapists, the ins and outs of working as a traveling healthcare professional, and our traveling adventures both throughout the United States and internationally!"

Show Notes:

  • Jared’s initial interest in travel PT: the increased financial reward, varied exposure, and housing alternatives
  • The stipulation to travel PT, gotta have a home base
  • Jared’s Segway into PT school and early fitness interests- considering financial reward and profession
  • Be willing to try something new and different, being in a team like Jared and Whitney can really help!
  • The impact researching the job market can have on beginning a great career
  • A travel PT blueprint: Jared’s initial log term plan and motivation, where to turn for mentorship, the surprises and unimaginable exposure
  • The clinical development in a travel role, especially for a new grad
  • The FifthWheelPT blog - Blending finance, rehab, and personal growth
  • Diving into the nickels and dimes of travel PT, and how it compares to more traditional PT routes
  • The easiest way to establish travel contracts and how to land trustworthy connections
  • Where is the future of travel PT headed?
  • Jareds advice for making your next travel experience unique, valuable, and lucrative
  • Check out Jareds growing blog and other projects he’s working on, even while he semi-retires and travels the world, at and follow him on instagram #fifthwheelpt and facebook @jaredcasazza

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