The White Belt Mentality: The New Breed of SPT's Featuring Nick Perugini


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The White Belt Mentality - A New Breed of SPT’s: featuring Nick Perugini

Fusing a therapeutic approach with principles of coaching: A new hybrid of assessment, client intake, and progressions

How teachable is a “PT process?” Whats it like to really educate and collaborate with other professionals at an operational level to achieve a common mission

The white-belt mentality and the value of team transparency

How a successful PT evaluation can create greater responsibility and autonomy from clients and coaches alike

Being a PT on the community level, going beyond the 1 on 1 care and forming a health alliance that is based on health literacy and relationships

How Nick took a stab at learning and expanding his horizon, adding responsibility as an SPT and what he’s learned about being uncomfortable as he grows

Some words of wisdom to help spin PT school or any learning experience and translate new knowledge into applicable skills

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