Tireless Caregivers, Hypnosis, and Self-Love


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In this fascinating episode we dive into all sorts of topics. From the many layers of consciousness that impact mental health, to the possible solutions our society may benefit from if we can work together to integrate a holistic health service. Our guest, Dr. Traci Stein was wonderfully informative, fun, and a real inspiration to keep reaching out to other do-gooders, because more often than not good folks tend to work well together.

Dr. Traci Stein's bio:

"I am a Columbia-trained, licensed clinical psychologist and health educator. I'm also certified in clinical hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). Broadly, my focus has been on helping people to reduce uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms and gain greater insight into who they are and want to be.

The bulk of my work has been with the medically ill and those experiencing chronic pain, as well as teaching people to develop better stress management tools. I have also helped clients learn how to create healthier relationships, develop better self-esteem, foster greater self-compassion, release unhealthy patterns, and reach goals that are important to them."

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