What else can a PT be? Featuring Meredith Castin of www.thenonclinicalpt.com


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  • How it all begins: clinical care leading to burn out leading to a quest for action
  • How a PT can begin a career in writing! The first roles may not be what you think
  • The beginning of NewGradPT and how it served as a launching pad
  • The birth of NonClinicalPT and it’s mission to provide hope and guidance
  • The evolution of learning and success after the formal education platform
  • Meredith’s unique integration of personality traits into her coaching lessons
  • Visit www.nonclinicalpt.com for some action steps
  • Action step 1: value introspection and ask yourself “why” Perform a love/hate assessment and a value assessment
  • Action step 2: perform a value assessment
  • Action step 3: dive into a mentorship or coaching relationship
  • Action step 4: devise a plan and get after it
  • Examples of some really cool projects and businesses started by PT’s
  • How to create structure for work and life in a non-clinical role: get yourself a calendar and to-do system ;)
  • Is passion the key to unlocking internal locust of control and motivated structure?
  • Meredith’s newest career path article: exploring telehealth and the Wild West of tech in the PT industry
  • There is a growing number of awesome resources to learn about telehealth and how to get started. Check out www.ptlive.me for more info from Rob Vining
  • Check out Meredith’s articles, including her most recent work on careers in telehealth and a terrific spotlight article on @RobVining here: thenonclinicalpt.com
  • Check out telehealthprime.comand use the code “nonclinical20” and receive 20% off the next cohort fully immersive ready-to-launch telehealth residency.
  • Facebook groups @ Nonclincal pt connections
  • Nonclinical job postings for rehab professionals LinkedIn at Meredith Castin

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