What Is Good Sleep Hygiene with Dr. Roxanne Pritchard


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How do we define good sleep hygiene? When is the best time to workout during the day based on your natural sleep cycle? Should you cram for that test the next day or just snooze if you want to get the best score?

These are just a few of the questions we dive into with Dr. Roxanne Pritchard, PhD from St. Thomas University.

From the St. Thomas website:

"An award-winning researcher, speaker, and author, Dr. Prichard has spent the last thirteen years studying how college students sleep. She has designed popular courses on sleep and dreaming, led workshops for college health professionals on sleep, has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on sleep, and has presented numerous papers at national and international professional meetings. Her TEDx talk “Addressing our Children’s Sleep Debt” was featured in the lecture series: Transforming Education. Her research has been summarized in a variety of national media outlets including TIME, US News and World Report, PBS News Hour, Huffington Post, ABC News, and USA Today, among others."

Hope you enjoy this one!

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