Who Should You Work With?


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Collaborative efforts toward the success of a team mission can be a major success story when they pan out. This weeks episode features two guests, Casey Hanes and Ty Fischer, who have been collaborating to create a stellar project of their own, and we discuss the factors that go into making that team work successful.

Casey and Ty are the hosts of "The Show with Casey and Ty", and if you haven't already checked them out, stop listening to this podcast and go tune into theirs! These guys go into a whirl wind of topics that all seem so relevant to the fitness, health, happiness, growth - mindset world.

As fitness coaches, Casey and Ty have both established themselves as well respected resources as they both are excellent coachers and movers themselves. Thats just part of the recipe for dream-work team-work though, and we dive into how core values, character similarities and disparities, and complimentary behaviors also factor in.

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