3rd Degree Byrne Episode 50: THE INCREDIBLE HULK 314-319


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Episode 50 5-0!

The Big Five Oh!

Oh, and we are celebrating in style. We have all the interns, John Hijatt, David Thompson and Kirk Greenfield scurrying around doing all the busywork while Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes put together a Major 3rd Degree Byrne Extravaganza!

Thats right, this is one special episode where we cover seven and a half issue (One is an annual that we talk about for like a minute, counting as the half).

What is the subject of our coverage?


Thats right! We cover the six issues from The Incredible Hulk, from 314 through 319 and then the Marvel Fanfare 29. We even talk (a little bit) about Hulk annual 14.

This episode should meet you annual quota for Gamma Rays, so fill up and enjoy as 3rd Degree Byrne celebrates our 50th episode with The Incredible Hulk!

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