The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 165 - Superboy: War of the Species/Little Hercules


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In episode 165 of the Man of Screen Podcast, Mike Zummo continues his run through two more episodes of the Salkind-produced “Superboy” television show. Were getting toward the end of Season 1 as this episode brings us into the seasons 20th episode.

First, our Shuster Herald gang is going to check out this corporation and its scientist who is trying develop artificial intelligence. Because this ALWAYS leads to something good in a science-fiction series, doesnt it? I guess some writers never learn. And apparently the military doesnt learn either.

Will there be peace or will we face the “War of the Species”?

And then were going to encounter an episode with a guest star with a bright future. Thats right, Joaquin Phoenix, the Boy Who Would Be Joker, gets an early-career guest spot on “Superboy”. Hes going to be a computer genius. Hes going to hack the Pentagon, all in an effort to win over the girl of his dreams with some poetry.

So Ill get the bucket, while you take in “Little Hercules”.

Next time: The next two episodes of Season 1, “Mutant” and “Phantom of the Third Division”.

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