Tybur Techno Takeover Episode 16 - June 29th 2017


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After months, Tybur is back with some hard hitting industrial sounding techno. We start off smooth and tribal like and lead into a quasicyber-industrious nightmare. Enjoy. 1 Mythological by Heavenchord 2 Grace's Secret by Alessandro Diga 3 Polara (Sasch BBC & Caspar Remix) by Ming (GER) 4 Larkhill (Original Mix) by Monoline 5 Look What Your Love Has Done To Me by Perc 6 Peja - Stomper ( Original Mix ) by Lunar Project 7 Wolf by Blac Kolor 8 Interceptor (Original Mix) by Jgarrett 9 Exchanged Worlds by Codex Empire 10 Headless Horseman - Shattered by Headless Horseman 11 Killawatt - Mate Choice by Killawatt 12 Durex (Original Mix) by Horacio Cruz 13 Slingshot Orbit - Original Mix by Kyle Geiger, Audio Injection 14 I Just Can't Win by Perc 15 Headless Horseman - The Day She Vanished by Headless Horseman

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