Author Lisa-Jo Baker Sets Boundaries as an Enneagram Two [S03-025]


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This week on Typology, I’m excited to welcome Lisa-Jo Baker, a former attorney and longtime Community Manager at (in)courage, podcast host, best-selling author of The Middle Matters, Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. She’s also an Enneagram Two.

At their best, Enneagram Twos truly radiate the unconditional, altruistic love of God. They just sort of signal love out into the world in a way that no other type can. But they also have a hard time being able to stop meeting the needs of others which can empty their tanks and lead to resentment. Today, Lisa-Jo shares what has changed for her at mid-life, what led her to embrace the superpowers and the kryptonite of an Enneagram Two, and how she knows when it’s time for her to refuel.

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