Graham Chee - Cyber risks and opportunities


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Graham Chee the co-founder of Bcyber talks about the opportunities that are available to finance professionals and the skills that they need to get to be part of it.
Contrary to popular belief, 90% of all cybersecurity failure arises from human error and only 10% can be attributed to technological factors.

This means that 9 out of 10 cybersecurity issues are caused by the shortfall in cybersecurity training given to employees.

This is why Bcyber, an organization focused on accounting public practice space has developed training for accountants to gain working knowledge about cyberspace.

By understanding how an accountant has evolved into a business partner over the years, Bcyber trains accountants to recognise the early signs of a cybersecurity breach and helps organizations build up a human firewall of defense.

Since a human firewall can adapt and learn quicker, it offers even greater security than traditional safeguards.

Businesses are increasingly required to interact digitally and store data on the cloud. The accountant of an organization is a key player in preventing cybersecurity breaches since he acts as a repository of information about suppliers, financial risk etc.

The accountant is trained to help with cyber risk mitigation working alongside malware protection tools to provide security.

In a world which is increasingly turning digital, the importance of a top down cyber awareness culture cannot be overemphasised. Every employee of the organization must develop a working knowledge of cybersecurity, regardless of the background and role.

Contribute effectively to discussions on cybersecurity. This gives professionals the ability to not only understand, but even to explain to other members of the board.

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