Access Consciousness Bars Class in Salt Lake City


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What if you had a secret weapon for life that created more ease, joy and glory in your life and in your loved one's lives? What if that secret weapon also created more abundance and another stream of income for you? Would you like to be paid to make people happy? I invite you to come take this one day class to learn a fabulous, easy tool called Access Bars. What are the Bars? I'll let this short video explain.... Contact Missi on Facebook at Magic with Missi for info on the class. I'm Missy Peckham and I wanted to tell you about my bars class I'm having January 27th that is this Saturday coming up and it's at 10 o'clock in the morning and why would you want to take a Bars class and what is a barse class I'm a bars practitioner and a facilitator which means I give private bar sessions and I am a bars teacher I teach other people how to to run bars so that they can go home and run bars for their family their kids and they can an egg they can actually make a business from running people's bars and do bar sessions for themselves and back to my question why would you want to take a bars class well what I got from my first bars class was a sense of peace and space and ease like I had never had before and all the things I thought were wrong about me went away so that in itself was worth it and then I didn't even think about making a business out of it I just started calling people calling my daughter my ex-husband imagine that and saying come over here I want to practice this on you and so what that created was more peace and ease and space in their life and then eventually word got out that that this bar thing was really cool and relaxing and awesome it helps you sleep better it helps you stay younger it helps get rid of any kind of limiting beliefs that you might have it helps get rid of your stress your anxiety it's just one of the fastest tools that I've ever found that works in within an hour so use a normal bar session is about an hour to an hour and a half and what happens during a bar session is I put my hands on your head and it starts to activate a bar of energy that's where the bar comes from so there's 32 points on the head that when given a light touch will start to release all of the thoughts feelings and emotions that you have carried around for your entire life that might be limiting you and some of the points on the head relate to things like money health body aging joy and pain gratitude peace and calm so typically after of our session you're gonna feel a sense of relaxation but you're also gonna be really energized which is a great space to be and your mind is gonna be very clear so you experienced a lot of mental clarity so come Saturday 20th the 27th and it'll be 10 o'clock and we're going to start right on time so please be on time and come and you're going to learn how to run some of these bars you're going to have your bars run and you're going to leave with an amazing feeling your body's going to feel amazing you're gonna feel energized and then you're gonna be able to go home and do that for your the people in your life that you love and give them that gift so you're gonna have a tool for the rest of your life that you're gonna be able to use and help people get clear help people be happier and I mean how does it get any better than that and what else could be possible for you if you take my class so see you saturday thank you

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