Superbowl Slickback Sucka


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This week the squad give advice to stealthing, cracking and Christian love music. Last episode of the year just for the peoples. ***make sure you keep protecting your energy*** Email: Instagram: Unapologetic.Advice_Podcast Trilly's IG: Cleveland_Trillberg Gemini Twitter: @AdviceGemini Leave us a 5 Star Review and Subscribe: Soundcloud Itunes Podcast Republic (Featured) Stitcher Iheartradio Google Play 7:00 What's in your cup? 8:28 Messy Media 27:11 What in the...? 31:30 Drunken News 1:03:10 Protect Your Energy Links from Drunken News - Sperminator: - Sperminator Movie Trailer: - Fortnite Fraud: - Live af from Bang with Friends: - Drunk Prosecutor: - German cop arrested for stealthing a condom:

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