#53 - Listener Q&A: Leaky Gut and Anxiety & Normal Thyroid Labs with Thyroid Symptoms


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This week Anne and Michelle are answering more of your questions! They tackle an inquiry about leaky gut, which leads to a discussion about anxiety and its potential influence on other aspects of health, and they talk about what to consider when you have thyroid symptoms but normal lab results.


  • 1:05 - Anne’s updates
  • 4:00 - Michelle’s updates
  • 6:42 - What Michelle is loving
  • 10:00 - Leaky gut
  • 21:40 - Anxiety
  • 27:55 - Food reintroductions and gluten
  • 32:12 - Thyroid symptoms with normal lab results
  • 39:00 - Hormone imbalance
  • 45:17 - Meal of the week

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