Episode 104: Uncovering the Civil War through the Eyes of Female Civil War Reenactors


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Our guests this podcast are J.R. Hardman, Kelly Whitfield Bradley, and Stephanie Groce. J.R. Hardman has been a Civil War reenactor since 2012 with the 53rd Georgia - Company K, a Confederate infantry unit, and the 6th New York Independent Battery, which is a federal artillery unit. As a reenactor, she portrays a woman in disguise as a male soldier. Kelly Whitfield Bradley spent the last 9.5 years wearing many hats at the Atlanta History Center--mostly those from the 19th century. As one of the Historic House Directors, her most recent museum role involved researching and creating interactive educational activities for guests of all ages, as well as training interpretive staff. Stephanie Groce has been a Civil War Reenactor in the 53rd Georgia, Company K for past 10 years. As a reenactor, she portrays women's roles in a camp setting at various reenactments Join us as we uncover the Civil War through women’s eyes and discover how female re-enactors keep our history alive and vital to today.

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