The limits of digital youth work


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Digital youth work comes, undoubtedly, with many benefits. It was even perceived as a beautiful, pink balloon, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when all youth work had to be done online. However, very quickly it turned out, it also comes with many costs. In this episode, we are discussing the limits of digital youth work based on the research paper published by the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership on "Technology and the new power dynamics: limitations of digital youth work" by Alicja Pawluczuk and Adina Marina Serban. We are looking at five areas of these limitations:

  • Digital technologies, mental health, and feelings of disconnectedness
  • Big tech and AI v. meaningful communication and youth empowerment
  • Digital inequalities in youth work
  • Strategic digitalisation of youth work
  • Space in digital youth work

Guests: Alicja Pawluczuk and Andrei Dobre
Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Tanya Basarab

The transcript of this episode is available HERE

Link to the research paper: Technology and the new power dynamics: limitations of digital youth work

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