Young people and the war in Ukraine: stories from Lviv and Moldova


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It’s been more than a month since Ukraine was attacked by the troops of the Russian Federation. Many people fled Ukraine and found shelter in the neighbouring countries, many also moved to other regions of Ukraine, which are not suffering from heavy bombing. How is the youth sector in Ukraine involved in supporting both civilians and the armed forces? How are young people involved in organising and delivering support to the refugees from Ukraine in Moldova?


  • Mariana Țurcan - Adviser to Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova on Education and Youth, Coordinator of the Moldova for Peace platform, Member of EKCYP
  • Vasyl Shatruk - former director and currently a volunteer of the Lviv Regional Youth Centre, head of NGO “Centre of Initiative Youth”, Ukraine.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Tanya Basarab

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Background information on the situation of young people and youth sector in Ukraine before and after 24 February

Lviv Regional Youth Center is a public institution, run by the Lviv Regional State Administration. Its mission is to promote socialization and self-fulfillment of young people, including intellectual development and healthy lifestyles, and facilitation of non-formal education. It serves as a platform for communication, cooperation, and development of competencies of active young people and youth organizations in the Lviv region. Currently, the Youth Center has turned into a center of volunteers and humanitarian aid to help and support refugees, armed forces and those who remained in the areas under the war in Ukraine. They collect and distribute medicine, food, clothes, and equipment for the army. Recently, they collected money to buy a vehicle for the armed forces and now proceed with collecting money for drones. - Moldovan platform run by the government offering services to refugees from Ukraine - an information and support platform for refugees from Ukraine run by Moldova for Peace

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