Young People Revitalising Democracy


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How does revitalising democracy actually look on the ground and in practice? How can youth organisations contribute to democratic revival on the local and on the international level? How does the European Youth Foundation support local and international projects in the framework of the Democracy Here, Democracy Now campaign?

We speak to Gabriella from Fantapolitica and Sophie from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) about the tokenisation of young people, the relationship between climate change and human rights education, the role of dialogue in conflict and the possibility of democratic revival through genuine youth participation. And what are our guests' expectations of the upcoming Youth Action Week?

Guests: Gabriella Sesti Osseo and Sophie Spickenbom

Hosts: Ismael Páez Civico and Mara Georgescu

Would you like to know more? Have a look at the pilot and international activities funded by the European Youth Foundation and learn more about the Youth Action Week.

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