Young people's access to rights


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Welcome to Under 30, the podcast series by the Youth Partnership that brings the research results, explores trends in young people's lives and themes relevant for youth policy and practice.

Young people across Europe are increasingly experiencing challenges to accessing their rights. Even more so nowadays in times of COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode we are discussing some of these challenges, related with accessing the right to free and peaceful assembly and association and freedom from discrimination. Our discussion is based on two research papers recently published by the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership and developed by Maria-Carmen Pantea and Dunja Potočnik. You can find the links to these documents in the episode notes. Both papers were developed in preparation of the first review of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation on young people’s access to rights.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Tanya Basarab

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Young people’s right to assemble peacefully. A mapping study, in preparation of the first review of the recommendation CM/Rec (2016)7, by Maria-Carmen Pantea

Review of the documents on young people’s access to rights and non-discrimination: A Desk Research Study, by Dunja Potočnik

Young People’s Access to Rights - Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 and explanatory memorandum

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