S4E04 (Archive) - Selling The Moon, Part I


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From the Digital Box Set: This week, we present Part One of our "Selling The Moon" episode. Across two episodes, we'll trace the way NASA marketed the expensive moon landing to both the American public, and to Congress. In this first part, we see how the Russians got to space first, prompting President John F. Kennedy to promise a moon landing - not only as a way to win the space race - but to improve his public relations after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The journey to the moon will be one of the most expensive endeavours in history, and NASA needed to constantly market the program to keep Americans interested, and Congress signing the cheques. Part One is all about putting the moon shot in motion. In Part Two, we'll pick up the story with the Apollo program, the tragedies and achievements that push the space program closer to the moon, and the way NASA never took its foot off the marketing/PR pedal until Armstrong climbed down that historic ladder. This is an archived episode that aired originally on January 24, 2015.

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