Latinx News: Border 'Crisis,' Chelsea Shortchanged, Few Latinos At Oscars


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The situation at the southern border worsens, but the Biden administration resists calling it a crisis; Chelsea — one of the Massachusetts communities hit hardest by COVID — gets short-changed in the new COVID relief bill; and Latino entertainers are overlooked in this year’s Oscar nominations, again. It's our Latinx roundtable.

Marcela Garcia – columnist for the Boston Globe

Julio Ricardo Varela - editorial director at Futuro Media, co-host of the “In The Thick” podcast, and founder of Latino Rebels

Update: After this segment was taped, Gov. Baker's administration announced it will direct $100 million to Chelsea, Randolph, Everett and Methuen.

Later in the Show:

It’s a difficult time for the restaurant industry. One estimate predicts a third of all restaurants will close due to the pandemic. But some businesses are changing their models and finding financial success.

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Our food and wine experts weigh in on these stories and more, including Jonathon's wine recommendation.

Jonathon Alsop - founder and executive director of the Boston Wine School and author of “The Wine Lover’s Devotional.”

Amy Traverso - food editor at Yankee Magazine, co-host of GBH’s “Weekends With Yankee” and author of “The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.”

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