Why More Women Are Freezing Their Eggs


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It’s too soon to know all the ways the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped our decisions about life and family, but, during the year of uncertainty, many women decided to protect their reproductive future by freezing their eggs. Just a little over a decade ago, egg freezing was considered an experimental procedure. Today, it's a common procedure millions of women choose each year. During the pandemic, the numbers of women electing to postpone pregnancy by freezing their eggs nearly doubled. Why? And will their choice have a broader impact long term?
Nina Resetkova - reproductive endocrinologist at Boston IVF.
John Petrozza - director of Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center.
Nikki Richardson - former egg freezing patient.

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During the early part of the pandemic, exercisers hiked and biked as an outdoor escape from the COVID lockdown. Bicycles—new and used—were in limited supply. Sales of the pricey and popular Peloton stationary bikes skyrocketed, and exercise consumers looking for less expensive options kept moving attending internet classes on body building, yoga and old-fashioned aerobics. Now, many are looking to expand their options with a different kind of digital exercise—virtual reality.
Eric Malafeew - co-founder of VirZoom, the makers of VZfit a virtual reality exercise software.
Andrea Cirelli - CEO and owner of 4XVR, a virtual reality gaming arcade.
Amir Madmoune - Wheaton College student, who has used virtual reality games to lose weight.

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